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At Retirement Income Group we believe that part of the wealth management process is ensuring that our client’s assets are protected and that the people and causes they care about are taken care of. In order to do this, we create a customized risk analysis to and may recommend a variety of insurance strategies to mitigate these risks. We also may use insurance to assist in estate planning and tax planning.

Below are several ways that insurance benefits our clients.

  1. Prepare for the unexpected - Insurance protects the client’s assets or provides additional funds if something unexpected happens, like critical illness, disability or premature death. Our clients benefit from the piece of mind knowing their savings will not be wiped out if something happens to them, or that they will have the additional funds needed to pay debts and ensure their loved ones are taken care of.
  2. Estate Planning and Wealth/ Asset Transfer- Insurance in many situations is the least expensive way for a Canadian to pay taxes at death. It also can provide the much-needed liquidity to ensure assets like a family cottage or business will be passed down to the next generation without issue. Insurance may also be used to ensure that all beneficiaries of the estate are treated equally.
  3. Charitable Giving - Insurance can be used to provide a donation to a cause or organization you and your family cares about. Not only is this a great way to help the community but it also generates beneficial tax credits which can offset tax liabilities of your estate.
  4. Tax Efficient Retirement Income - Life Insurance also has a lesser known benefit of having a tax advantaged investment component. We can use this feature to create a tax efficient source of retirement income, while also providing an asset for your beneficiaries. It is a strategy that can be beneficial if you have maxed out your other tax advantaged investment vehicles, or own a Canadian controlled private corporation with conservative investments like GIC’s.

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At Retirement Income Group we think that it is important that your assets are given to the people and causes you care about. We will work with you and our network of partners to ensure that your estate is prepared to ensure your beneficiaries receive everything you have planned for them.

  • We do this by ensuring your beneficiaries on investment accounts and life insurance policies are updated accurately.
  • We keep notes detailing why beneficiaries have been named on the accounts/policies.
  • We review whether or not it is appropriate to hold assets in a joint account.
  • We introduce you to lawyers, corporate executors and estate planning experts in our network.
  • We may create customized strategies to ensure your estate assets remain private.
  • We create and implement customized strategies to minimize taxes and fees on your estate.
  • We help you ensure that all of your loved ones are treated fairly through estate equalization strategies.

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At Retirement Income Group, our investment approach is to provide you with a sophisticated, tax-efficient portfolio that provides control over taxable events. Your portfolio will be professionally managed within strict parameters, freeing you to focus on other important priorities with confidence. The Retirement Income Group team works with businesses and families to manage investment portfolios, minimize taxes, grow wealth while preserving capital and generate retirement income from investments.

At Retirement Income Group, all investment and asset allocation decisions are made jointly by John and Evan. They review ongoingly to adjust as markets and economic data change over time.

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At Retirement Income Group we create custom strategies to assist those who are transitioning into retirement and retirees to manage their income.

We create projections to show you how you will receive your income in retirement, which accounts you should withdraw from each year, and your projected estate values. We provide annual reviews of income to ensure you do not outlive your savings and maximize your estate.

By working with Retirement Income Group to manage their retirement income, our clients receive the following benefits:

Tax Efficiency/ Tax Minimization
Increased after-tax value of their estate
Greater flexibility to pay for unexpected expenses like healthcare
Preserved income-tested government benefits, tax credits and entitlements

Below is an example of how income planning and utilizing income splitting strategies can benefit you and your family. In this example one spouse has accumulated approximately $750,000 of investments ($500,000 in an RRSP and $250,000 in an investment account). We created a projection showing what these accounts look like after taking income from them for 25 years. As you can see utilizing income planning strategies can make a significant difference to your estate.

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Retirement Income Group organizes and hosts financial literacy and educational events online and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Evan and John are passionate about educating Canadians on financial topics and improving financial literacy throughout the country. Evan, an award winning university lecturer, has experience lecturing and preparing effective material to share with the members of your organization or your employees.

We have created customized programming for some of the following groups:

  • Employers to help explain Pension, Group RRSP’s and Health Benefits to their employees.
  • Retirees and seniors groups on various topics including estate planning, managing income in retirement, what to look for when managing an investment portfolio and how to be tax efficient in retirement.
  • Charities teaching their donors how be more effective, and increase tax savings when donating to a great cause.

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Retirement Income Group is passionate about giving back to the community and members of our team sit on various boards and committees of local charities. We want to support these great causes by providing effective strategies that will maximize the tax credits you receive from your donation while maximizing donations to your charity of choice.

For example, let’s review how in-kind stock and mutual fund donations can benefit you and the charity over donating cash. Normally what happens is a donor will send shares of a company or mutual fund to the charity. The charity will then sell these shares immediately at market value, and accept the cash as a donation. This type of donation is beneficial to donors who are providing donations from accounts that have unrealized capital gains. This is because by giving the shares directly they do not have to pay tax on those gains! They also get to receive a tax credit for the full market value of the shares! If this donor were to sell the shares first and then donate the cash, they would need to pay tax on the donation. This means that the charity of your choice only receives the after-tax amount as a donation and the donor only receives a credit for the after-tax amount.

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