Client Fee Schedule

At Retirement Income Group we do not accept commissions on investment product sales. We are committed to your success and want to actively avoid conflicts that arise from accepting commission based on investment sales. We use a fee only model, where we only accept fees that are paid to us directly by our clients, so that our interests are aligned with you and your family’s best interests. The fees charged by Retirement Income Group may also be tax deductible in taxable investment accounts.

In a fee based model all commissions are removed from the management fees of investment products like mutual funds, lowering the expense ratios of the funds. You will have to pay the fee to Retirement Income Group on top of the lower expense ratio from the investment products.

Fee Schedule

Client’s Investable Assets 

Annual Fee %

$499,999 or less


$500,000 - $999,999




$2,500,000 -$4,999,000


Over $5,000,000

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